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CMC3 Foundation

The new CMC3 Foundation Board consists of

  • President:  Mark Harbison, Sacramento City College

  • Treasurer:   Leslie Banta, Mendocino College

  • Member-at-Large:  Shawn Lanier, Woodland College

  •  Member-at-Large:  James Sullivan, Sierra College

  • Member-at-Large:  Casey Terrill, Mendocino College

 Your CMC3 Foundation Board has committed itself to the purpose of the CMC3 Foundation which is:  To provide scholarships to community college students in the state of California under the purview of CMC3, To recognize and reward student academic success, To stimulate interest in mathematics and mathematics education.

The Foundation awards anaaverageof $ 6,000 in scholarships to students attending Northern California community scholarships to students attending Northern California community colleges..

Your CMC3 Foundation Board will continue soliciting donations from other foundations, corporations, the business community, and our CMC3 membership, as well as discussing possible fund-raising events. We welcome any ideas you might have regarding these endeavors. Please contact us through any of our Foundation Board members.

Please help us help students by contributing to the CMC3 Foundation.

Please take time to fill out the donation form. Whether your donation is $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, or more, we thank you for your continued support. Contributions are tax deductible as provided by law and our tax ID Number is 94-3227552.  Thank you.

To donate, please contact Mark Harbison, the CMC3 foundation chair.

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CMC3 Monterey Conference Grant (First Time Attendees Preferred)

We have a grant available for one faculty member per member college that will help pay for the Monterey conference costs.  The deadline for submission for 2015 has already passed, but it is likely that this grant will be available for the Monterey 2016 conference.  Check back again early next fall for the announcement.

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CMC3 Foundation Scholarships

Applications are now closed for 2016

If you have questions about the foundation scholarship, please contact the foundation president, Mark Harbison

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CMC3 Foundation Scholarship Recipients for 2015-2016

Last year we invited all CMC3 members to nominate students from their colleges.  We awarded a total of $6,000 to four great students.  We would like to thank our judges:  Ken Seydel, Terry Shell, and Carl Smith.  The following biographies of last year's winners were submitted by the member colleges.

First place receiving $3000:

Katherine Kays-Hoepker from Sierra College

Second place receiving $2000:

(Nancy) Yizhuang Kang from Las Positas College

Yizhuang Kang

Third place receiving $1000 :

Ashley Rosas from West Valley College


Nominator Betty Weiss with Student Ashley Rosas


The Tahoe conference provided a successful end to our 2013/2014 fundraising season.  We started a new tradition with our first annual Foundation Gala on the first night of the conference.   I’d like to thank the following; Pearson Publishing, the MontBleu Hotel, CMC3 , all those who helped with food and set up, and everyone who braved the blizzard and bought tickets to the Gala.   As always, all money raised will be used to fund student scholarships.    

Student Speaker Competition

The Foundation was once again delighted to facilitate the annual Student Speaker Competition, made possible by a generous gift from past CMC3 president Debra Landry.  This year’s winner, JoeAnna McDonald from Sacramento City College,  gave a talk entitled “Elliptic Curves".  Thank you to Larry Green for running the competition.  

 Friends of the Foundation 2013-2014

The CMC3 Foundation wishes to acknowledge the following people who have so generously donated to the Scholarship Fund during the fiscal year July 1st, 2014 to June 30th, 2015.

*  Circle of Friends ($500 or more)



Debra Landre


*  Hexagon of Friends ($200 to $499)


Chris Barker
Charles Ttee and Judith Barnett Ttee
Michael McGinnis
Michael and Lori Erugubian

*  Pentagon of Friends ($ 100 to $199)

Guy De Primo
Rebecca Fouquette
Gary Ling
Richard Hansen
Wade and Jane Ellis
Allyn Washington

*  Square of Friends ($50 to $99)



Cynthia Stubblebine
Frederick Teti
Vinh Nguyen

Franklin and Susan Dean
Frank Farris

*  Triangle of Friends ($5 to $49)


Cynthia Speed
Teresa Dern Henson
Bic  DoVan  (with uppercase V, but no Ha)
John Burke
Pejmon Sadri
Christie Tsuji
Patty George


donations from the prior year:

Circle of Friends ($500 or more)







Debra Landre
Pat McKeague


Hexagon of Friends ($200-$499)




Charles S. and Judith M. Barnett
Allyn Washington
Chris Barker


Pentagon of Friends ($100-$199)


XYZ textbooks
Guy De Primo
Stefan and Margaret Baratto
Rebecca Fouquette
G Ling
Richard Hansen
Wade and Jane Ellis
Dean Gooch


Square of Friends ($50-$99)




Michael and Lori Eurgubian
Cynthia Stubblebine
Federick Teti
Janet Tarjan


Triangle of Friends ($5-$49)


sDarryl Allen
Larry and Lynn Handa
Tina Levy
Randy Taylor
Cynthia Speed
Terrence and Carol Maguire
Teresa Dern Henson
Bic Dovan
Lynn Maracek
Doli Bambhania
John Burke
Pejmon Sadri
Mo Geraghty

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